Thursday, June 30, 2011

123 123 12 12 12

Tonight was drumming circle.......
my sister came for the first time and saw with her own eyes
heard with her own ears
and drummed with her own hands!
Why am I so passionate about this drumming circle?
How can a group of strangers come together and in a few months
become such good friends?
There is something about sitting in a circle together
and flowing in a rhythm
where we all have to listen
we all participate
we all contribute
listening and participating
together and alone
touching many of the senses-
we have to become childlike because it isn't always easy
we stumble and we get off the beat
we don't keep doing our western beats of:
Instead, we combine rhythms of 2 and 3 and 4
and then multiply and divide
add and subtract
Boris, what are you talking about??????  in your Russian accent?
So, we laugh and we try
and we drum.
I brought these drums to a women's group 2 weeks ago and the women found our drum circle healing and beautiful.  There were tears.  One woman shared how in pre-school there is ALWAYS circle.  
That is how learning happens - in circle time.
It made me wonder what we've lost in our culture and what we taste a bit of on our drumming nights.  There is something about community, about all being a part 
all being significant to the whole
One of the dreams I have for this coming year is to create places of 'circle' - places of community
We all need to know
that we are a part of the greater whole

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