Saturday, June 30, 2012

peacock feathers and new life

last night I experienced again the sense of awe
of how little things can come together
that are inexplainable
all I can do in those moments
is tell the story and
be filled with wonder

2 weeks ago I went to visit a friend
after I left she called
she said 'where your vehicle was parked, was a peacock feather...did you lose it from your car?'
I thought that was strange.
I didn't have a peacock feather in my car and when I had parked and I hadn't noticed anything on the road.
So, I decided to google peacock feathers and see if they carried symbolic meaning
And I found that they have been known to be a symbol of resurrection.
Well this was pretty amazing as the friend I had visited had just lost a precious loved one.
So, it seemed that this precious feather was a possible sign of hope for her - but also for me.
Resurrection means new life, a new beginning from something that has died.
So, in these past two weeks I have had those thoughts in the back of my mind.
Last night, a friend gave me a beautiful gift of a blanket for my birthday, and as some of us were looking at it, I noticed that there were peacocks as part of the image on the blanket.  I mentioned how I had just learned the significance of peacocks and how I now was glad to have a beautiful blanket to help me remember.  One of the friends looking at the blanket stopped and looked at me and said - oh wow, wait til you open the gift I have brought for you.
and it turns out when she had shopped for a gift, all she was drawn to at the store was peacocks.  And so she bought me three things that were all symbolic of peacocks.
Yesterday was a day in my life - but it was also a day of resurrection, a day of new beginnings.
A birthday can be just a 'day', but it can hold an opening of a new chapter as well.
When events such as these come on a pile, I know that I can ignore the gift - or I can celebrate it - and say thank you!
THANK YOU for reminding me of new life
THANK YOU for inspiring me for new beginnings
THANK YOU for showing me there is abundance of resources and possibilities
THANK YOU that beyond loss, resurrection happens

Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012


June 29, 2012
Today I am grateful
for life
for breath
for 2nd chances
for beauty
for forgiveness
for mercy
for friendship
for safe places
for kind hearts
for new songs
for joy
for dancing
for love
for laughter
for daughters
for family
for every lesson learned
for mentors
for inspiration
for the forest
for the river
for music
for children
for new life every day
for new beginnings
for the opportunity to be broken
and know my humanity
and to know the wonder
of grace
for community
for all that awaits me as I enter the rest of my life.
Thank you for being a part of my story.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Dancing into Joy

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Dancing into Joy

This week held the wild extremes of life
Celebration of life and love, music & friends
Desolation and grief over another unexpected death of a young 16year old
daughter of my close friend
Grief came close to my heart again
Walking into the home of fresh loss
is vulnerable
and tender
Ripping my own heart open again
with reminders of my personal losses
bringing me to a place of fatigue
and frailty
And then...
someone comes with a gift of dancing music
flamenco style
we listen in the car in my driveway
but then the music takes hold me
grabs my heart and 
leads me onto the dance floor of my driveway
I throw my self into the dance of life
the undercurrent of joy that still is at the root of my being
My body celebrates a knowing that is deeper
than any human circumstance
My heart experiences the wonder of transcendence
a place beyond my thinking
a place where all is well
and all will be well
And I dance
And dance
And the dance carries me
and reminds me of how to live
how to be present
how to carry on in the coming moments and days and weeks and months and years
always being rooted in the well-spring of joy
always yielding to what is beyond my human understanding
always saying YES
I will dance
I will sing
I will live