Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Woods..........
every day I'm drawn to go to the woods to allow my
puppy - Indie - out for her daily run and romp! But this time
has turned into much more than a daily chore of exercising my dog. It has become a rich gift of entering into the beauty of nature every day for an hour. To be saturated with the silence of the woods....the only sounds being the sound of birds or wind whispering through the trees, or a small mouse shuffling through the leaves beside me, or the brook sailing happily along as a result of fresh rain.........to be saturated with these sounds and sights has become like an anchor through the anguish of Trevor's death, through the business of family schedules, through the ups and downs of many relationships, through the ebb & flow of life - the forest gives me a glimpse of deep rest in the midst of chaos, beauty in the midst of seeming disorder, sanctuary in the midst of life, stillness in the heart of God.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Remembering Trevor.......

Well, I haven't written here for a long time.......the past 2 months have been filled with the business of life - but the other reality is this - it has also been hard to really write things down since February 24 when my nephew, Trevor Dueck died suddenly in a motorcycle accident - killed by a drunk driver. He was 18. Words seem frail and inept for a very long time after a death of a loved one. Words do not seem to contain the human experience of suffering or express the depth of human emotion during grief. We are in the midst of that grief for Trevor and will be for a long time.

Thinking of you today Trevor.

Your aunty Cathy