Thursday, June 30, 2011

123 123 12 12 12

Tonight was drumming circle.......
my sister came for the first time and saw with her own eyes
heard with her own ears
and drummed with her own hands!
Why am I so passionate about this drumming circle?
How can a group of strangers come together and in a few months
become such good friends?
There is something about sitting in a circle together
and flowing in a rhythm
where we all have to listen
we all participate
we all contribute
listening and participating
together and alone
touching many of the senses-
we have to become childlike because it isn't always easy
we stumble and we get off the beat
we don't keep doing our western beats of:
Instead, we combine rhythms of 2 and 3 and 4
and then multiply and divide
add and subtract
Boris, what are you talking about??????  in your Russian accent?
So, we laugh and we try
and we drum.
I brought these drums to a women's group 2 weeks ago and the women found our drum circle healing and beautiful.  There were tears.  One woman shared how in pre-school there is ALWAYS circle.  
That is how learning happens - in circle time.
It made me wonder what we've lost in our culture and what we taste a bit of on our drumming nights.  There is something about community, about all being a part 
all being significant to the whole
One of the dreams I have for this coming year is to create places of 'circle' - places of community
We all need to know
that we are a part of the greater whole

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thanks to so many for the incredible birthday wishes today.....from late last night and all through today, I've been blessed by messages from many friends.
yesterday I went to a funeral of a young man from Mission.  He was 20 years old and many, many people came to honour his life and support his family.  Maybe he never knew how many people cared about him or how connected he really was.  Many of us don't realize how many people care about us - and we struggle to let people know how much we care about them.  It was a good reminder - how connected we all are and how it is important to let others know how valuable they are in our circles of friendship.
It's hard to reach out sometimes and show our gratefulness - it's hard to also reach out and express our needs....but it is important, because we all need to know how valuable and needed we are in our communities and circles of friendship in the good times and the hard times.
Today someone brought me flowers.  Someone brought me a ring.  Someone made me a meal.  Amazing gifts of love and friendship that allowed me to see how I am a part of other's lives as much as they are part of mine.  So much to be grateful for.  Today was a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All is beauty

During the past 3 days I've been invited into very intimate moments of people's lives - people that are in many ways strangers to me, but I guess I don't feel like a stranger to them.  these people have been touched by music I have shared through concerts and other events and they have invited me into some of the most precious moments of their lives - it has been a privilege and an honour to be invited into these spaces.

the first space was an outdoor wedding that happened on Sunday.  It was a 2nd marriage for each partner, both having lost spouses due to sickness.  The mood was joyful and celebratory as they took their places with the sun shining down all them and all their guests.  In a beautiful way, their former spouses were honoured and these two prepared to take new vows.  Just before they did, I sang the song, Winter is Over as they had requested.  Looking into their faces and knowing that they carried both the sorrow and the joy of their lives at the same time made it a very meaningful experience.

the second space I came into was this evening at Hospice.  A new acquaintance came to a recent concert and told me about her friend who was dying.  Would I come?  So, tonight along with Boris Sichon, I went and sang for this beautiful woman who is passing from this life to the next.  As I drove around today thinking of her, a new song came to me and I sang it to her tonight:

All is beauty
you stand on the edge 
of the unknown
preparing your heart
for travelling home

what is in shadow
for you will be clear
your new tomorrow
so far, yet so near

may love surround you
as you depart
may love surround you
& carry your heart

to the great beauty
that we call home
you're going to beauty
and soon you will know

All is well
All is well
All is beauty
All is well

all is well
all is well
All is beauty
all is well

© 2011  Cathy AJ Hardy

I myself am going through some huge life changes which I will write about at another time.  To be able to sing for others in the midst of my own journey - and to be allowed to share in the joy and the suffering of others lives on such a deep level is a tremendous gift.  I am deeply grateful tonight for this privilege.

Monday, June 13, 2011

retreat anyone?

Retreat anyone?  Do you need time to nurture your heart and soul?
Retreats have been life-changing for me.  Through getting away from my daily routines, my work, my family obligations and roles and taking time to be still - I have found my anchors for living.  Being still for a period of time has helped me to listen and has created greater awareness of who I am and what my life purpose is.  To find rest in just 'being' is a profound and life-changing experience and has rooted all 'activities' in greater freedom and joy.

There are 2 retreats coming up on Pender Island in July that I'd like to let you know about - registration cut off is coming up soon so it is time to put your name in if you are interested.....

The first one is:
Creator's Heart

Time and space to create and listen.
July 8th 7pm - July 11th 11am                                       
Crab on PenderJoin with other artists (you can be any kind of artist.....writer, painter, poet, musician...I believe we are ALL artists in some way!!)   on the majestic sea at the Pender Island Lodge for inspiration and time to work on your craft. You will experience a mix of silence, space to create, and time to share your spiritual journey and your art. I will be facilitating this retreat and sharing my from my own journey through story and music. 
We invite you to enjoy this weekend at the MARK Centre in a peaceful and inspiring setting:
  • Slowing down to breathe and receive
  • Being inspired by the Creator to create
  • Tasting times of silence
  • Experiencing Group Spiritual Direction as a tool for opening up the inner journey of the heart
Additional Opportunities:
  • Beautiful ocean and forest walks
  • Hiking trails
  • Time to watch for sea life
  • Exploring the coastline by canoe or kayak

The second is:

Summer Silence for Women

A week to feast on silence and rest.
July 11th 4pm – July 15th 11am                                   
Come and linger over some quiet days by the sea. Watch the whales and seals play, listen to the crashing waves, savour the tastes of home cooked meals, and feel your heart come alive as you give yourself time and space to be. During your five days by the sea, you will be guided into silence interspersed with thoughtfully led group sessions and individual spiritual direction sessions.  Lorie Martin and Evy Klassen and myself will be your hosts for this silent retreat at the Pender Island Lodge.

Pender Island sunsetWe invite you to enjoy this week by the sea in a peaceful and inspiring setting:
  • Slowing down to listen, reflect and receive
  • Giving attention to God’s active presence
  • Being renewed and energized through the practice of silence
  • Experiencing Spiritual Direction as a tool for opening up the inner journey of the heart
Additional Opportunities:
  • Beautiful ocean and forest walks
  • Hiking trails
  • Time to watch for sea life
  • Exploring the coastline by canoe or kayak

For more information or to register, please go to