Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All is beauty

During the past 3 days I've been invited into very intimate moments of people's lives - people that are in many ways strangers to me, but I guess I don't feel like a stranger to them.  these people have been touched by music I have shared through concerts and other events and they have invited me into some of the most precious moments of their lives - it has been a privilege and an honour to be invited into these spaces.

the first space was an outdoor wedding that happened on Sunday.  It was a 2nd marriage for each partner, both having lost spouses due to sickness.  The mood was joyful and celebratory as they took their places with the sun shining down all them and all their guests.  In a beautiful way, their former spouses were honoured and these two prepared to take new vows.  Just before they did, I sang the song, Winter is Over as they had requested.  Looking into their faces and knowing that they carried both the sorrow and the joy of their lives at the same time made it a very meaningful experience.

the second space I came into was this evening at Hospice.  A new acquaintance came to a recent concert and told me about her friend who was dying.  Would I come?  So, tonight along with Boris Sichon, I went and sang for this beautiful woman who is passing from this life to the next.  As I drove around today thinking of her, a new song came to me and I sang it to her tonight:

All is beauty
you stand on the edge 
of the unknown
preparing your heart
for travelling home

what is in shadow
for you will be clear
your new tomorrow
so far, yet so near

may love surround you
as you depart
may love surround you
& carry your heart

to the great beauty
that we call home
you're going to beauty
and soon you will know

All is well
All is well
All is beauty
All is well

all is well
all is well
All is beauty
all is well

© 2011  Cathy AJ Hardy

I myself am going through some huge life changes which I will write about at another time.  To be able to sing for others in the midst of my own journey - and to be allowed to share in the joy and the suffering of others lives on such a deep level is a tremendous gift.  I am deeply grateful tonight for this privilege.


Darrell Lecorre said...

You are amazing Cathy.

deb said...

Beautiful words Cath....

lifelearner said...

wow, it's so amazing how you come up with songs, and the words are so beautiful. Looking forward to hearing this new song.