Sunday, June 03, 2012

Dancing into Joy

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Dancing into Joy

This week held the wild extremes of life
Celebration of life and love, music & friends
Desolation and grief over another unexpected death of a young 16year old
daughter of my close friend
Grief came close to my heart again
Walking into the home of fresh loss
is vulnerable
and tender
Ripping my own heart open again
with reminders of my personal losses
bringing me to a place of fatigue
and frailty
And then...
someone comes with a gift of dancing music
flamenco style
we listen in the car in my driveway
but then the music takes hold me
grabs my heart and 
leads me onto the dance floor of my driveway
I throw my self into the dance of life
the undercurrent of joy that still is at the root of my being
My body celebrates a knowing that is deeper
than any human circumstance
My heart experiences the wonder of transcendence
a place beyond my thinking
a place where all is well
and all will be well
And I dance
And dance
And the dance carries me
and reminds me of how to live
how to be present
how to carry on in the coming moments and days and weeks and months and years
always being rooted in the well-spring of joy
always yielding to what is beyond my human understanding
always saying YES
I will dance
I will sing
I will live


Cat said...

how beautiful
how completely perfect and beautiful

thinking of you♥

love and light

valerie said...