Monday, May 14, 2012

joyful receptivity

It was first through Carl Jung (Jungian psychology)  and then many others since then that I understood about the masculine and feminine nature that we all carry as human beings (the anima & the animus).  A man carries masculine and feminine qualities and a woman carries feminine and masculine qualities.  Masculine qualities would be loosely defined as goal setting, competition, accomplishments, being task oriented.  Feminine qualities would be more about 'being' than 'doing'.  Receptivity, nurture, beauty, rest, relationships.  One is not stronger than the other - both masculine energy and feminine energy are extremely powerful and needed for wholeness.

In our culture, we live in a masculine oriented society where we place huge value on our achievements and success.  Both men and women have lost the essence of rest and receptivity - but I think we as women have especially lost this....I know I did for many years as feminine qualities were deeply undervalued.  I did not know the value - of stillness and how stillness would then launch me into activity in more healthy ways.  I did not know the beauty of 'being' or 'rest'.   Women have learned to be successful in a man's world - we know how to compete, how to achieve, and how to fight for what we want.  Because women were so undervalued in society for so long - we have had to fight for our value and equal rights - but rediscovering our feminine qualities does not negate our value or worth.  Quite the opposite.  Ultimately we also need to know how to receive, how to be present, and how to rest.  This brings wholeness and beauty into our lives along with our many achievements and accomplishments in the community and personal lives.  

The men in my life who have also learned to embody these feminine qualities alongside their masculine qualities are some of the most amazing men I know - wholesome, rich in character, blessed in many relationships and life-work.

The phrase that has come to me this week about 'true femininity' has been this:  joyful receptivity.

It is quite a phrase - joyful receptivity.  
where do I allow others to give to me?  
Where do I allow space for Life to come and provide for me without me striving? 
Do I celebrate and give thanks for what has been given?

Alongside the goals I am setting for my day in my work and personal life, I want to open my heart to joyfully receive all the beauty that Life is bringing.

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Cat said...

these are great reflections Cathy
and so true
I have recently discovered where my masculine lays in my body and where my feminine lays...I am slit in half...coming together to make a is amazing to see that in your own body

I love the questions at the bottom...(as she jots them down in her journal)

so good to see you the other day
you and that day were good for my soul
I hope to connect with you soon

love and light