Wednesday, May 02, 2012

how do we see the world?

There is a website that I go to often called Sounds True...

I have listened to many inspirational authors, teachers and musicians here.
Today I listened to a recording of the late author and poet, John O'Donohue.
He was speaking on the way of looking at the world.
Here are some of his words that inspired me with how to live today......

John O’Donohue...

"An interesting way of doing some work on who you are is 
to take a look at the kind of ‘looking’ that you do? 
And ask yourself ‘what way do you behold the world?’

To the loving eye, everything is real.

And this is not love in a sentimental or na├»ve way. 

It is love as the gracious criterion of truth, celebration and reality.

Kathleen Raine –  the Celtic poet says...
'Unless you see a thing in the light of love, you don’t see a thing at all'

Love is the light in which we see everything in its true origin, nature and destiny.

If we could look at the world in a loving way, 
then the world would rise up before us in 
great possibility 
and invitation 
and depth."

How do I see you?
How do I see my work?
How do we see each other and live?

I hope these words inspire you today to open you up to looking with love at everyone and all that crosses your path today.

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Cat said...

beautiful my friend
and so true
through the eyes of Love everything has Life

love to you today

love and light