Monday, April 09, 2012

open spaces

Open Spaces

Recently I moved a painting
that filled a large space
to another room
where it delighted me more
but it left
open space.....
the open space
bothered me
what did I have to fill it?
it was blank
it was empty
it felt like nothing
and yet
I didn't want to fill it cheaply
it was a special space
a space I looked at often each day
it needed to have meaning
and be
you can't just quickly fill
open space
a holy space
with junk
so I continued to look at that empty space
and wonder when I would know
what to place there
One day
as I invited many people in
for an evening concert
one woman
handed me
an unexpected gift
a big gift
that I received into my hands
not knowing
what it was.
Late that night after the music
wine and eating was complete
and I was alone
I opened the gift
to my surprise
it was a beautiful hanging.
I knew immediately where it belonged
I hung it in the
open space
I stared at this beauty
this surprise
and I thought about other
open spaces in my heart
in my life
am I too quick to try to fill
what only a gift can fill?
do I allow time and discomfort to remain
with my
open spaces?
do I trust that
beauty will come
surprisingly and unexpectedly
in the open spaces of my heart?
can I enjoy the empty canvass
a clean slate
a new start
a fresh beginning?

Open spaces yield creativity
an opening of the heart
for new life
Open spaces open hearts
for change
a new way of looking at something

Open spaces allow room
for new growth, new life, new gifts
Open spaces can feel uncomfortable, empty, barren, and lonely......
but if we linger and wait.....
surprises may come knocking on our front door.

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