Tuesday, July 05, 2011

plan b....or c or d for that matter

some days it feels like I'm on the edge of the ocean
and being swept up by a gigantic wave
the sense of losing control
of my equilibrium
and being uprooted
the sense of being disoriented
and unsure of what is going to happen next
takes over
it can be an illusion that I might be the only one experiencing such a thing
but as I am with so many people
and we talk about our lives
it seems many of us are here
plan b
life not exactly how we imagined it
a few unknowns
thrown in
a few unexpected measures of music
in the song of life
a change of time signature
and key change that no one warned me was coming
so what can I do?
what can we do?
in music or theatre - the real artists know that the unpredictable
is always around the corner
you never know what will happen on stage  - because you are
in the moment
the moment of 'now'
is always ALIVE
and anything can happen
It is always nerve-racking- but if one is open to possibilities - it is very liberating and exciting
On the stage - there are no second chances - it just is what it is in that moment...
you can't go back and fix - it already happened...and you carry on
in the stage of life - perhaps that is sometimes the hardest thing - to let go of what happened
and to embrace what is
right now
and to choose
the response
for the next action
or the next word
to remain present
with eyes wide open - and not full of fear
to keep living and embracing
the only reality that is
letting go of a perfect plan a
and saying YES to life as
it is
plan b....or c or d for that matter
with laughter and with grace


lifelearner said...

Big smile inside and out after reading this one!
Your song YES is a big inspiration and courage booster for me.
I realize I gave up my plan A or B or C after big events in my life - marriage, kids, homeschooling. Whatever plan I was on, God had another, better plan and that's the path I've chosen. Like a child, instinctively trusting (and sometimes rebelling of course) with eyes open in wonder and amazement, enjoying being in the moment and the reality of things that happen, knowing that it is part of a greater plan to bring out the very best in me and to become what the Creator had in mind when he made me. YES - to Glorify Him.

Grace said...

good words - I'm with you, sister...

val warkentin said...

thanks for showing us the way with such courage and grace xo

Anonymous said...

"saying YES to life as it is!"
love that!
there is no other way to live...
there always needs to be a plan B,C,D,E.....etc.
this to me is Life♥

love and light

Anonymous said...

Nice Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot