Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love Shines
Release Concert - this Saturday April 16th - 7:30pm 
Matsqui Auditorium Abbotsford
tickets available on-line:  Emerton Records

Love Shines now on ITUNES!!!!!
special pre-release price this week


Life is full .......full of joy and sorrow - all mixed together!  A friend from my faith community died this past week, my parents are in frail health, and life feels fragile on multiple levels.  At the same time, I am captivated by watching an eagle soar over my head as I pause in the woods, the beauty of the daffodils blooming in my studio, the smile of a child, the clear, kind eyes of a stranger looking at me, the glory of a song, the warmth of a friendship, the warmth of the sun on my face.  On Saturday I will sing.  i will sing with my brokenness.  I will sing with my humanity.  I will sing with joy.  I will sing with knowing of great beauty and the power of love that is beyond all things.


val warkentin said...

go girl, beautiful one!

Heather said...

bring all that you are phenomenal woman! bring it all! leave nothing behind.
we love you!

Heather said...

bring it all phenomenal woman! leave nothing behind. bring it ALL! xo
we love you!

vi said...

Cathy, tonight was beyond extraordinaire - - profoundly beautiful!!