Saturday, March 26, 2011

Looking Up
photography by revival art studio

Yesterday we looked up 
It was the one year anniversary of the 
passing of Christian Friesen, my nephew 
and a few of us gathered at the cemetery to 
place his ashes in a beautiful wall, called Dogwood.
Instead of hanging our heads in sorrow, 
we released balloons and 
looked up.
It was a sign of hope
A choice
to keep going-
to have faith in tomorrow
to keep dreaming-
to LIVE.
Yesterday was also a celebration of a birth
....I picked up 2000 copies of Love Shines !!
My goal was to have it ready by March 25 
so I could give the first copy to 
my brother and his wife...
and that happened.
Love Shines in the middle of our darkness
Love Shines is a CD filled with hope. 
I'm so excited to share this with everyone.......
April 16th - come to the 
CD Release Concert- 
and celebrate LIFE with me.

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