Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'singing through it all'

today I felt tired.  It has been a wild 3 weeks.  Dad has been in and out of surgery and things are still uncertain for him as he remains in ICU at present. Mom has been a trooper but fighting her own health issues & caring for dad.  My sister Grace had a heart attack.  My sister Val had to deal with a biopsy that we found out yesterday was cancer free (yay).  We are also facing the one year date on Friday for Christian, the son of my brother Randy.
wow - some moments have just felt completely overwhelming.  At the same time I've been aware that many people go through moments like sometimes brings things on a pile.
I've been reminded of some of the words from the song, Courage for Today.....coming out on the Love Shines album.
I sang these words to myself today as I walked through the woods.....

'my song is singin'
my song is singing
my song is singing through it all
Because Love is strengthening me, givin' me courage for today,
Ya, Love is strengthening me, givin' me courage for today.'

lyrics from Courage for Today ......from Love Shines  - being released on April 16th, 2011

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