Thursday, April 14, 2011

'and this is invitation to be beautiful'

this week an angel came to me
her name is Brenda
She's a real person, but this week she was an angel too.
I guess she was paying attention to something beyond herself
She was thinking of me and felt she was to give me a song
She bought me a CD and brought it to my house
She had no idea what was going on for me
She had no idea what I needed
But she listened and followed through 
and showed up at my door
with a gift
of a song
This song has a line in it that has been going 
through me over and over
'this is invitation to be beautiful'.
Sometimes it is easier to wear clothes of shame, guilt, fear or anxiety.
It takes courage to 'rise up' and put on clothes of dignity, self-respect, and beauty.
To own our 'beauty' we must believe in our intrinsic value as a human being.
To embrace our 'beauty' we must know deep down we are treasured.
To embrace our 'beauty' we must BELIEVE
that we ARE somebody
To embrace 'beauty'
is to embrace a belief that Life is beyond just 'survival' - 
Life is worth celebrating.
Life is beautiful
We are beautiful
Let us see the beauty in each other.

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vi said...

This is one I want to copy out for myself to reread over & over -- this is so, so good -- deeply relate. Thanks!!