Friday, April 15, 2011

Jonah, the time in the whale is over
photography by revival art studio

This morning I was telling Marika, my new friend...
(more about this amazing woman in another blog!)
how I've related to the story of Jonah.  It really is a great story - of being swallowed up.
It has been a story I've related to as I've gone through  a huge period of my life where
dreams felt swallowed up and it was dark in the belly of the whale.
We've been conditioned to be afraid of darkness.....and I was very afraid of my own darkness.
We've also been conditioned to disapprove of unproductive periods in our lives -
but when you're in the belly of the whale - it's hard to be
extremely productive.
We forget what happens in nature in the darkness.
Under the ground is all darkness - but that is where growth happens..
it is where a seed is safe enough to develop...
it is where the roots of a tree develop to sustain a marvelous plant
 that gives life to others.
It was in my darkness that my soul was born again.
I came alive there in the was slow
but it was real.
And is a new day.
I've been spit out of the whale. It feels a little scary at times.
But it is time.  Time to tell the stories.
Time to sing the songs.
The songs that came in the darkness have powerfully impacted me
and I am ready to share them
with you.
Hope to see many of you at the concert tomorrow!!

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