Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stories about children from Saturday's Love Shines 
CD Release concert:

8 year old male student of mine during Land of the Silver Birch, 'Mom, I just love this song. I love it when Cathy sings it for our class.  it is soooo beautiful.'  He said this with tears in his eyes.

8 year old female student of mine that found me back stage and gave me the 'thumbs up' at half-time to her mom,  ' mom, I just went and told Cathy she is doing a good job.'

5 and 6 year old brother and sister of my new friend from drumming - both crying during Breathing Together....they were thinking of their grandmother in Alberta and were overcome with emotion from the song.

7 year old girl who has listened to the CD and has put 'Every Time' on replay until her mother is going crazy!!  She was so delighted that we did it TWICE in the concert and was dancing away.

I have been so touched by children.  I heard once that you can tell your connection with a child by the light in their eyes.  If the eyes are sparkling and shiny, you are able to communicate...but if the eyes are downcast and dull, very little can be transmitted from you to them.  The power of connection with a child is always amazing to me and one that I never take for granted.  To know that children, even very young children, emotionally connected with the music of Saturday touches me very deeply.
To have a child also want to give me the 'thumbs up' is so precious - she wanted to let me know that I was doing OK - because that's what a friend would do....and we're friends.

Listen to samples from the Love Shines CD

If you want to hear some can get a taste here on the Emerton Records site.
you can order a digital copy here too - and hopefully a hard copy soon.

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