Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Day of Gratefulness - time to give thanks

photo by revivalartstudios

Yesterday marked the celebration of a dream;
the dream of a girl to sing and to share her songs.
It was a beautiful day and I am so grateful.
I had a thank you speech prepared for last night - and I forgot to give it!
But maybe this is better, because I can get it all out here and make it public
Yesterday was huge day in my life many small baby steps to make one big step
I have taken many of these steps in solitude
in the hidden places of my heart
but recently these steps have had to be more public and I've taken more 
risks in sharing my dream with others...
and then allowing them to join me in my dream.
Last night I felt so honoured by so many who have come to 
believe and celebrate this dream with me.
I felt incredibly supported and surrounded
and I want to thank those who gave of their energy yesterday and in the days 
leading up to this event in incredible measures.
I want to thank the musicians for encircling me with their presence and musicianship - 
Philip Janz, Brian Thiessen, Peter Davyduck, Kevin Boese, 
Jonathan VanDyke, Boris Sichon, & Rebecca Sichon.  You all were such a joy to work with last night.
I want to thank Terry Neudorf for all the incredible work he did for me with the sound.
I want to thank Steve Klassen and his team for setting up my 'forest' and creating the space for my heart.
I want to thank the women who baked for our half-time food - the money donated goes to support someone going on a Silent Retreat at the Mark Centre; 
Joyce Kehler, Brenda Janz, Cathy Crawford, Evy Klassen and Wendy Vandenberg
I want to thank Deborah Handley and her team for organizing the 
front door and CD sales - incredible job!
Thank you to Charlie & Connie Peters for being the fire wardens for the evening.
I want to thank Darcie & Jason Brown for their photography which has been donated for this Love Shines CD and Release Concert. Your work has brought beauty & dignity to this project.
Thank you to David Vandas who did the video work last night - it was a privilege to have you come and share this night and record this memory!
Marika - your energy these past two weeks towards making this evening the best it can be has been such a beautiful gift.  You have gone way past any expectation I ever would have had and have blessed my socks off.  Wow - and wow.
thank you to everyone from Emerton Records who came out and supported this event and supported me personally throughout the evening.
I want to thank Evy Klassen for introducing me and being the amazing friend that she is in my life.
I want to thank my family who was there; my husband Brent and my daughters Pera & Brianna - all my siblings were there; Grace, Val & Randy - and their spouses; Steve, Ingrid & Dave.....
 my nephew Steve from South Carolina, my neice Karen from Vernon.
Thank you to all the other friends, extended family, and all other guests for coming and making 
April 16, 2011 an incredible celebration of Love Shining!

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