Monday, May 23, 2011

Taize Evening Prayers at Westminster Abby in Mission

Taize Evening Prayers at Westminster Abby 
Saturday, May 28th, 2011  8pm

This coming Saturday is a very special evening of the year for me.
It is the evening of Taize Evening Prayers at the Westminster Abby in Mission BC
The songs/prayers from Taize have made a huge impact on 
my life and I've been passionate about sharing these songs with others
for the past 13 years or so.
I think in a time where many people are sick of religion,
sick of dogma, and empty tradition,
the songs of Taize offer a special gift.
What I have found with these very simple songs
is a way to pray.
I talk to many, many people about spiritual things. 
Many people have given up on a church experience, but still hold a heart that is open to prayer.
But how to pray?
How do we navigate this unknown?
Brother Roger, who founded the Taize community, believed that simplicity of heart and simple trust where key elements in having a heart of prayer.
He also believed that a lifestyle of listening
was much more significant
than a list of beliefs.
He taught me that there is joy in the journey of trust
rather than the anxiety that comes from a life of fear.
This evening at the Abby is a simple hour of silence, songs, prayers and rest.
It is a time where we can gather together and just simply be and open ourselves to the mystery of what is beyond us all.

Free and Open to public


Anonymous said...

this sounds amazing
are evenings like this open to the public?

love and light

desertrose said...

Yes!! Free and Open to all