Thursday, May 12, 2011

remember sister.....

This weekend I am privileged to share music in a few places.  The first is at the PASCH conference in Abbotsford  Their theme is 'loving, reflecting and pursuing justice together'.  The conference is about exploring social justice especially in the home - in our most intimate relationships.  Powerful stuff.  I am honoured to sing songs amidst story telling and poetry and a call to justice.
The second place I'll be sharing music is with Deborah Handley and the Seranata Singers of Mission (Saturday 7:30 pm St. Andrew's United)
I'll be playing recorder with two amazing students of mine, Megan Vandenberg and Dharma Smith - accompanying the choir.  We'll also do a couple songs on our own.  Rebecca Sichon will be singing Ordinary Miracle with me as well as Winter is Over.  Boris Sichon will be accompanying on percussion.  It will be an wonderful evening.
A song I will be sharing in both places from the Love Shines recording is Every time.....
the words have been powerful for me this week, especially the line;
'remember sister, you are free'

What is freedom?
As I hear the recording - I am wondering what I have yet to learn about all I have sung about!
What is true inner freedom?
For today, it is the choice to be grateful.....even as I live with complicated uncertainties
It is the choice of expressing love to those around me
It is the choice to keep dreaming
It is the choice to be fully alive and to invite those around me also to life.

What keeps me from freedom? - what holds me back is perhaps a 'poverty mentality' that says I need this or that to be free....I will be more happy when this is in place.  Freedom says - it is here - it is now - it is within.  This is a hard truth and one that awakens me to parts of myself where greater freedom is yet to come.

but .....I am human!  I am learning and growing and I will keep singing this song and remembering....
I am free

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