Friday, February 04, 2011

My Daily Woods - My Daily Bread
So, since I've been talking about my woods a lot - I thought I'd take you right into them. February 1st was a beautiful sunny day and so here is a little clip from my walk that day.
It is hard to really explain what these woods have come to mean to me, but I will try to express as best I can what I have learned and absorbed from this beautiful place.
 Life is beautiful - when I take time to really look...and take in the sky, the mountains, the trees, the eagles.....there is so much beauty.  I am invited to celebrate this beauty. It is a gift for us all.
If I am able, I long to absorb this beauty and carry it within me.  The openness of the sky, the strength of the mountains, the dignity of the trees, the playfulness of the birds.
When I walk with Indie in the woods, she teaches me to be present in the moment.  No use thinking about yesterday, or worrying about tomorrow.  Right now, there is a stick to chew and a trail to run on.  let's enjoy NOW!  There is something about being fully present to the moment that is full of joy.  It has been a hard place for me to find, but a dog always lives there it seems! So, Indie is my teacher in finding the present moment and leading me to gratefulness.
This week I brought two camera crews into my woods!
Jason Brown from Revival Art Studios was shooting pictures for the Love Shines CD project.  His photography has won many awards and is absolutely captivating.  I am so honoured that Jason and Darcie are adding their talent to this project.  You will see some of these wood shots on the CD Jacket!
Shaw Cable also came this week for an interview!  They interviewed me about my work and this will be aired in the next couple of weeks - will be posting more about that!  We ended out time with Shaw Cable following me out to the woods!  

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