Sunday, May 23, 2010

Taize Evening Prayers at Westminster Abbey, Mission
Saturday, May 29, 2010 8pm-9pm

Why come?
This hour is filled with song, prayer, silence and open space.
This hour is for you to drink in beauty, rest and soul-food.
The songs from Taize are like simple phrases, that when repeated a few times, become something a person can meditate on.
For example, the Latin phrase will be sung: Da pacem cordium
This means.....Give peace to every heart.
To sing this together is prayer....
We all hold the stories of our lives; joy, pain, thankfulness and sadness...
We all long for peace of heart and peace of heart for those we love and peace of heart for all humanity. In singing this simple phrase together, we pray together something powerful.
In the words of Richard Rohr; prayer is not seen as telling God what to do but "to experience our dependence on the great mystery".
Acoustic instruments such as harp, guitar, recorder & violin will be played during the service.
I will also be using a new singing bowl (new to me that is) that is over 100 years old.


Steven said...

I attended and loved it very much! Thank you! When will Taize start again?

desertrose said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Abbey Taize service! Services will begin again in September. Info will be posted here and on my website: as dates become confirmed.