Saturday, January 12, 2013

live your truth

I found this draft of a post I wrote exactly one year ago.  It really spoke to me and so I am publishing it now.  Cathy

how do we live our truth?
I have realized I have been afraid
Afraid to speak my truth
Afraid to live my truth
learning at a young age
that uniformed thinking
is more important
than authentic humanity
But the world
is hungry
for authentic
Authentic individuals
are captivating
They have overcome
this fear
the fear of being liked
to live out of a greater fear
The fear of being dishonest
to their soul
If I tell you my truth
I may no longer be in your circle
But if I tell you my truth
I set my soul free
How I speak my truth
can alienate
or build bridges
But first I must listen
what is my truth?
What is it that my soul
needs to express?
I believe that first I must accept the intrinsic value of my soul
before I will even begin to listen
And then when I listen -
to pay attention and to honour
the message of the soul
And then from listening, to act
to live
out from this place
This is living our truth
Living from our soul
Living with authenticity
Living with honesty humanity
and inviting others to do the same.


Arlana said...

Cathy, your words are authentic, captivating,and inspiring. So glad that you can now walk in your truth!

Jess said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for expressing and living from your soul– it is a precious gift to the world.