Tuesday, January 01, 2013

January 1, 2013

woods of Mission BC

This photo was taken on
my walk today
in the glorious sunshine
crisp air
and inspiring presence
of the woods of Mission.

My Prayer for us all in 2013
may your bones shine with the radiance of Love
may your heart beat with the joy of knowing your intrinsic value
may your mind be filled with thoughts & intentions rooted in the Creator's love for you
may your feet carry you to where you need to be
may your eyes behold beauty
may your hands be open and receptive to all that Love longs to bring to you
may your hands offer blessing to all they touch
may you move out of Love's response rather than fear's reaction
May you be energized by Love
May your soul know grace & mercy
May your soul offer grace & mercy
May you become the reflection of Love.

copyright 2012  Cathy AJ Hardy

And here is a small poem that may inspire.....


Arlana said...

A beautiful blessing, I pray that for you too, Cathy. I am also glad you are still able to sing Love Shines, it is a very special song to me as well.

Cat said...

I love your soul

love and light