Monday, January 16, 2012


This past weekend I've been thinking a lot about the word freedom.
In the most recent home concert where Boris Sichon & I performed, we sang for the first time an old Yiddish song called Dona Dona.  This song was made famous by Joan Baez in the 1970's.  
(BY THE WAY - if you would like to host a house concert or are interested in coming to one - please contact me for more info)
Dona dona was a song that went through the Warsaw ghetto during WWII and became symbolic of the journey of freedom for the Jewish community.
Singing this song on January 7th was a powerful experience - a way to connect with the past, a way to sing about the present and also a vision for the future.  We all long for freedom and it isn't always easily attained.  There are many things that hold us back from living authentically, whether we have physical chains around us or invisible ones in our minds.

In 2012 I want to sing about freedom.  

This weekend as I was thinking about the theme of freedom, a friend sent me this cartoon - which is called freedom.
I love this picture - it says a lot to me!  About taking huge risks and stepping out of the norm!!   
Cheers to freedom in 2012!!  


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Cat said...

Freedom indeed my friend
Freedom indeed ♥

Love and Light