Sunday, September 18, 2011

another dream of mine.....

well......I've had a long time have a grand piano.... I've been looking for a long time, but never really believing that I could have one to call my own.  In the middle of life turning upside down for me and finding myself on my own for the first time since I was 19, there came a strong desire to finally let that dream be realized.  It is a bigger story than I can fully write here, but the fact is that I found an old grand that fit me perfectly.  It is scratched and beautiful!  It has curvy legs and ivory keys.  It is responsive to how I play and is powerful in its sound.  It fits perfectly into the place I started imagining it to be - and it is truly there.  I've never had a piano just for my pleasure.  I've taught for over 20 years and somehow it is hard to be really creative on the piano that you work on all day long.  To have a piano that is for creativity, for community, for concerts, for composition, for singing.....this makes my heart so big with happiness.  Just walking by it and touching it - makes me glad.  it is so beautiful and speaks to me of memories yet to be created.  I have dreams for this piano - of people gathered around and singing with me, of writing songs at 3am and much more.  Two people have crawled underneath it just to lay under the strings and feel the amazing vibration of sound coming through the air.  having the piano brought into the house was quite an event.  So, here are the pictures of my good friend Darren Lambert and his two young men helpers who helped make another dream come true.

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