Saturday, August 13, 2011

sing through sorrow, sing through tears, sing throughout all your years

If you were able to only give one sentence to describe yourself, could you do it?
If you were able to only give one sentence to describe a relationship you have and all of it's many nuances, history, joys and sorrows, could you do it?
I could not.
I cannot.

What I'm trying to say and I don't know where to begin, is that the marriage I have known since I was 19 has come to an end and has been ending for a long time....I just had hoped there was a way through.....but I have had to come to rest that there is not a way through for us and it is time to let go.
This year has been a paradoxical year for me - with utter joy and deep sorrow dancing together day by day.  It has been a year of being more alive than I've ever known, and at the same deeply sad.
But even in my deepest sadness, I've been aware of LIFE still calling me to live, to rise up, to be present.
It is a time of transition that I never thought would be part of my life - but here it is.
There was a day that I wondered if I would be able to sing in front of others ever again.
And then someone reminded me of my own song lyrics-
and they said to me.....  Cathy......
'sing through sorrow, sing through tears, sing throughout all your years.'
As I have kept singing through all of this, I have found the power of song once again.
The songs keep me in touch with my soul and they remind me that underneath all sorrow and loss is a deep river of joy that is stronger than any life story.
And so I will carry on.
I will sing
for I still believe
that Love is shining.
on the road of my life.......


Anonymous said...

you are a shining light to us,Cathy. We love you...

Anonymous said...

it is so true
in our deepest sorrow can come our greatest joy
I am sorry about your end
and yet I celebrate with you a new beginning
this life is meant to be lived in abundance
I know this to be true

I pray this for you

love and light

Grace said...

love you Cath. You are courageous and beautiful. Looking forward to your voice, the song goes on.

vi said...

This diamond in the rough, shining, blazing beauty of purity, true authenticity -- depth that only comes thru the transparency of all stripped away -- you, Cathy, are so, so loved. And, yes, the songs do go deeper.