Thursday, December 09, 2010

Love Shines CD Project Update

Thanks to so many that came out to the 3 concerts of the Fraser Valley. I have been very encouraged to go ahead with the Love Shines CD project and recording dates have now been set for January 2011 - with release happening probably in March 2011.
It has been a fall of taking risks and not knowing where that will lead me. At times I have been terrified to take another step and to put myself out there with sharing my vision and my heart. However, there is something life-giving with taking risks and learning to be OK whatever the results. I've learned a lot from this process!
I've also learned that I deeply value the community around me. I've realized that this project is coming out of a community of support and friendship - not just an isolated dream. This is a powerful shift for me and one that energizes me as I step into the next part of the process of going into the recording studio.
Thanks to so many that have given financially to this project. I am about half-way there with the funds I will need. If you would like to be a part of this, please go to

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