Sunday, July 25, 2010

the labyrinth

the symbolic walk of choice & letting go

Life is funny sometimes. You have these moments of utter clarity about the next step. And so you make a choice to make that step and then suddenly it seems you are going backwards and wondering what just happened. It seems that life is full of choices, taking risks, moving forward into the unknown - a sign of personal freedom to affect the outcome of one's life.....choice. And then there is this flip side - how things just seem to happen and you find yourself belly up - or face in the dirt. How did that happen? It seems that there are situations completely beyond one's control - and that one has a choice in that moment too - to accept the reality or to fight it.
When I walk the labyrinth, I remember all these things - my choices as well as the circumstances in my life I have no control over. The labyrinth seems so symbolic of stepping forward yet at the same time experiencing going backwards while still moving towards the centre. It is an interesting experience to walk in 20 minutes what can be so symbolic of life itself.
It seems like a journey of trust - trusting to take risks and also trusting in the moments of surrender to what is beyond me.

If you get a chance - walk the labyrinth.......I'd love to hear how your expereince is!

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