Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Prayer for Advent 2007

It has been hard to say,
‘I did what I could’ – when that means
That I have to admit
That I can’t hold everything
Together all the time.

To allow things to fall and crash and break
To allow things to get lost and not found
To allow misperceptions and judgements to be – without freaking
To allow my carefully laid plans to
Fall apart
To allow the feeling of emptiness
To come close to me
When I feel that things are slipping through my fingers

To allow my heart to say
In the midst of these moments
And not lose heart
To be willing to be turned upside down
And shaken
Loose of my firm grip on things
So I can rest
In my poverty and humanity
And celebrate the mystery,
The paradox,
The miracle of
Emmanuel – God with us.
©2007 Cathy Hardy

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