Saturday, December 10, 2011

more about beauty

  • There is a lot of beauty in the poem below written by Chelsea Reimer at the recent Silent Retreat I was leading  in November.  As she read her poetry out loud to us on the last day of the retreat, I was struck by her words and images.   Our culture runs away from sadness, from death, from waiting, from emptiness.  and in these words, she is inviting us to see the beauty in these very things.  And to perhaps not only 'see' the beauty but to rest in it.  To rest in our sadness, to rest in our waiting.  To embrace the dark shadowed parts of our lives as much as the light filled pockets.  And in doing so, we embrace the full picture of being human.                                                                                                  
    A Beauty.

    There is a beauty in sadness,
    A soft exhaling breath
    of something felt so deeply
    and as quietly as death.

    There is a beauty in waiting
    for joy to wander back,
    and watching as the day grows dim
    from yellow tones to black.

    There is a beauty in feeling
    what all creation knows,
    in letting life have ups and downs
    and walking through its woes.

    There is a beauty in knowing
    that night is just a hue,
    and that in depths of sadness
    my heart can rest in you.

    by Chelsea Reimer
    November, 2011

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