Thursday, December 01, 2011

Love Shines CD for Christmas

you can find the Love Shines CD here 
lower prices for Christmas for multiple sales
Here are some comments from people who have 
experienced the music on this album:

“Cathy Hardy’s ‘Love Shines’ CD filled with the presence of love entered my world at just the right time. Track 4 ‘Breathing Together’ almost took my breath away . . . well more accurately it brought tears of deep connection; the first time a song has done that in a long time! The whole CD is exceptionally beautiful”    Brian Doerksen

‘Cathy is deeply in tune with her humanity and present reality and her music comes from deep within.  Her voice is powerful and her songs are varied from soulful to fun.  Her message is real, human and for everyone.  Her lyrics call me to dance, to cry, to embrace and let go.  Cathy is a force to be reckoned with – I love her CD – it calls me to live freely and fully.’  Evy Klassen 

Hi Cathy.... The more I listen to your music the more it moves me. It is so relevant and so now. I just can not say enough about it. I can feel the Spirit rooted into every word, every phrase, every note. I feel so blessed to have seen you live and can\'t wait to do so again and this time take more friends!!! Thank you thank you thank you...your gift is assisting me to continue this walk towards Love and Light....

 "Fantastic! A great place for  concert, very intimate (Chilliwack Love shines concert Oct 2011). Really enjoyed myself and your music Cathy. In fact, I uploaded "Love Shines" from iTunes during the performance. I just love this CD. Listen to it all the time. 
Best of luck at the Gospel Music Awards!"

You move mountains with your gift of music!

By the way, your music has blessed me immensely, especially your last CD.  It came at a time in my life where it fell on me like a light mist, washing away doubt and disillusionment. 

Thank you for your hard work and gift.   

Thank you for your music.  My friend listened to "The Winter is Over" at just the right time and it gave her hope.  It was at the end of something she was struggling with.  And she knew after listening to that song, that her struggle was finished.

I'm soaking your new CD into the pores of my being. Cathy, it is amazing!
You are so vibrant and so alive throughout the songs........words, music.
Life, freedom and hope emanate from it.  It feeds my soul and.........
I love it

I've been listening to your new CD and am enjoying it. I find your voice to be so mature and expressive, and the musicianship and technical aspects of the CD excellent.

First i just wanted to say I attended your concert tonight and it was truly one of the very best concerts I have EVER been to. Your music speaks to my heart and is so healing 

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you rock the party sister!!!!

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