Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Time......

photography by revival arts

I found this old song in the stacks of my choral music
 in my studio sometime last year.
I immediately felt my toes start tapping and the rhythm captivated me.
However, the words were old were filled with  fairly negative descriptions of the
 devil coming to catch us all.
so........I thought, why not rework this baby.
and I did with a lot of fun.
Sharing this song in many different concert situations has been a gift.....
and what it brings is - joy.
simple joy.
tapping foot joy.
humming along joy.
I think we often forget simple pleasures these days.
We have forgotten the joy of singing with each other
and experiencing music in community.

this is also a song about freedom.
And every time I sing this, it reminds me....
sister, you are free.
No matter what my circumstances - there is an inner freedom
to still choose
Choose YES
Choose LIFE
Choose LOVE
Choose LIGHT

1 comment:

Cat said...

sister we are FREE!!!

love and light