Monday, May 02, 2011

Vernon Visit
This past weekend i visited mom and dad in Vernon.
Many of you know they have gone through a lot of trauma in the past 2 months especially.
Dad almost died twice and mom has been super sick too.
They are currently in a temporary care home situation but plan to actually go home tomorrow - 
we are all holding our breath to see how that will work for them.
Yesterday I asked if they wanted to go for a drive.
They jumped at the chance to get some fresh air and the feeling of sun on their backs.
So we drove to a beautiful spot called Turtle Mountain and I took this funny picture of the
 three of us with my laptop.
Mom and Dad are having to face a future they didn't expect  
with huge health issues, loss of strength and mobility.
It is not an easy time for them, but we were able to have a good visit with 
lots of laughs and teasing thrown in.
I know they are going to try to make the best
of whatever comes their way in the next few days and weeks.
One quote from mom......when you ask her how she is feeling today (and this is her constant response)
 "Oh - better than yesterday!"
I'm glad it's always today and never yesterday!!!

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vi said...

What a beautiful, beautiful picture of the you with your parents -- thanks so much for sharing this!! You all look so lovely!! The journey of our lives -- no matter the circumstances, seems all the faces have an increasing "glow" & beauty!!