Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 1st, 2012

Words to live into...
I have let go of New Year's resolutions
and in the past decade
have found a new way 
of entering into the New Year
I listen for a word
one word or simple phrase
and that word or simple phrase
becomes an inspiration 
for my whole year
these words haven't all been easy
but they have stretched me
and called me
and taught me

One year was the word 
One year was the word
One year was the word
Instead of feeing burdened by
a list of resolutions
I feel inspired and called on
a treasure hunt
of learning
The word for 2011 stayed at the top of my journal
every day
through good days and bad
and it called to me
I learned so much
and am still learning
I have a new word for 
Maybe I'll write about it
in 2013
but for now,
I have a lot of learning to do
here I come


Cat said...

blessings to you sister

love and light

Cat said...

"a treasure hunt
of learning"

I love this...just had to come back for a re-visit

Love and Light