Sunday, February 06, 2011

Song Stories #9

It was the afternoon the day of Myron Berg's funeral that Philip Janz, Boris Sichon and I were working on the song Prayer - which is a chant I wrote this past year.  Boris plays the didgeridoo as a low drone while I sing the chant overtop.  The low drone takes me to ancient sounds...sounds I have heard from other cultures and time periods.  It was a 'moment' during recording when Philip and I looked at each other and each expressed the same thing - 'I was thinking of Gillian'.  Gillian is the wife of Myron, who stood and expressed such deep love for her husband that very morning at his funeral which Philip and I both attended.  So, Gillian, you were on our minds and hearts as we recorded these sounds and words and as you choose each day to 'breathe'.  But I hope these are words that we can all resonate with - we all have a choice each day how we will choose to live.
In the video above, you can get a taste of the world music that Boris has in his fingertips.    At about the 4.30 minutes mark you can hear him play the didgeridoo which we have used on this  piece.  
Here is an excerpt of the words.......

As I breathe in a new day before me
I breathe in Life

Fill me with courage to face the unknown
I breathe in Life
Fill me with wisdom for each step ahead
            I breathe in Life

Deepen my roots that I may taste joy
Deepen my trust that I may know peace
            I breathe in Life
            I breathe in Life 

excerpt from Prayer from the Love Shines CD

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