Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Song Stories for Love Shines
Courage For Today

I love so many different genres of music. As a child I was exposed to a lot of classical music as my mom listened to CBC radio 2. Often I would lie down on the carpet and let the music wash over me as I listened deeply...even when I was 5 or 6. My parents also enjoyed a lot of 'gospel' music so I heard a lot of 4 part harmonies and traditional choral sounds. In my youth I learned to love jazz music, pop music and gained more appreciation for classical music. Through my twenties and through living in Uganda for 2 years, I was exposed to traditional folk music and ethnic sounds. I have loved learning about all these sounds and how these different genres can express so many of our human emotions and experiences better than we can with our words.
I am not a strong blues piano player, but I do love the blues and had fun learning the basic 12 bar pattern a few years ago and passing that on to many students.
A couple years ago I realized that the blues really hold a wonderful tension between major and minor tonalities and feel 'honest' about expressing what it is to be human.
This summer around a campfire at Alice Lake near Whistler, BC, my friend Kendra asked me how I was doing with grieving the loss of my dear nephew Chris. Chris died on March 25, 2010. He was a very special nephew to me - one that I could punch (even though he was MUCH stronger than me) and tease. He was passionate about life and was fun to be with. I loved him fiercely. When Kendra asked me that, I had no words.
How do you express how you feel?
Words feel cheap
and empty.
I said Kendra - I have nothing to say - but I can sing a song.
So I asked Nathan (Kendra's husband) to get his guitar and start playing the blues.....
and this is an excerpt of the song I sang

Courage for Today
My heart, my heart
is heavy
My heart is heavy with burdens
Strengthen me,
Give me courage for today

My soul, my soul
is weary
My soul is weary with sorrow
Strengthen me,
Give me courage for today

(excerpt from 'Courage for Today' to be released on Love Shines)

Chris's birthday is this Friday, January 14th. Loving you buddy!!

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lifelearner said...

You sing the blues like they come from your heart. Don't be shy - belt them out. Let God carry your voice to touch other peoples' hearts. You and He have reached ours already... :o)