Sunday, November 27, 2011

poem for Advent

I wrote this poem during Advent 2007
I found it again this week and decided to share it at a retreat I was leading.
I was surprised when I found out that someone remembered it from a blog I had shared a couple of years ago and was surprised again as it helped someone to express in poetry their own state of heart.

So, I decided it was worth sharing again in 2011 on this first day of Advent:

it has been hard to say
         'i did what i could' ....when that means
               that i have to admit
                    that i can't hold everything 
                                  all the time

to allow 
 to fall and crash and break
to allow
   to get lost and not found
to allow misperceptions to be - without freaking
to allow
my carefully laid plans to
    fall apart
to allow
the feeling of emptiness 
    to come close to me
       when i feel that things are slipping through my fingers

to allow my heart to say
       to You
in the midst of these moments
    and not lose heart
to be willing to be turned upside down
and shaken
of my firm grip 
so i can rest
in my poverty
and humanity
    and celebrate the mystery
the paradox
   the miracle
of Emmanuel - 
    God with us

Cathy AJ Hardy 2007


Cat said...

Why did I not put it together that you wrote this???
beautiful my friend

process all I have received these past few days...holding those treasure closely and safely


Love and Light
You Sister of the Wood

Beckie Lapointe said...

love this