Saturday, September 10, 2011


about 2 or 3 years ago I ran into a tall dark- haired man in the dog park of Mission named David.  He was walking his dog Charlie, and I was walking my dog, Indie.
The night before there had been a big storm and so there were branches all over the paths and loose in the trees above us.  I found out that David used to be an arborist and that he knew a lot about trees.  He made sure that I remembered to look up as we walked under big oaks and maples, to see if any loose branches were in a position to suddenly drop down on my head.  I appreciated his knowledge and his concern towards my safety!
over time I have met David on many occasions while we are walking our dogs and we have become good friends.  I found out that David is very sick with diabetes and his body is slowly shutting down.  He may live for a long while yet, or he may die in his sleep at any time.  He is having to face death every day.
From meeting David, as I did today again, you would not know this.  You would see a beautiful man who is walking with a slight limp but with a smile on his face.  David has become so aware of Love waiting for him that whether he is here or he is gone - he is completely happy.  David radiates a joy in being alive because he is knowing more deeply than many people I know how that day is a gift.  He is full of awe at the beauty of life around him. He loves studying science and learning more facts about what he can see and touch in this life, and what remains yet a mystery to him.
No matter what is happening for me, when I am with David, he inspires me.  He inspires me to be present, to live fully, to always be grateful, to aware of Love waiting for me - there is truly nothing to be afraid of.
David is not afraid.
This is what is always so powerful about our conversations.
David is not afraid.
David is secure in the knowing of Love holding him, carrying him, surrounding him and waiting for him.
In David - I see Love Shining
and it deeply inspires my heart
to keep trusting
to keep hoping
to not be afraid.


Cat said...

what a beautiful inspiration

love and light

Unknown said...

your writing inspires me.

DB said...

your writing inspires me.