Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Articles on the web:

Here are two articles that are available on the web:
This is a review about the Rest CD produced last fall by
gemma & co.

This is an article printed in the MB Herald regarding
how Taize music has affected my life:

To know more about the Rest CD by gemma & co. go to:

My daughter, Brianna, carved this bird soapstone last spring. She gave it to me just as I was heading into the recording for the rest CD. She had no idea
of the significance it was for me at the time. I was fighting a lot of self-doubt as I was entering into this musical project, yet at the same time, I had such a passion to create the sounds I was hearing internally for so long. I felt very 'pregnant' with the CD. The bird had become symbolic of freedom for me - freedom to LIVE & to be all that God has created me to be. And that means to sing. Singing is a strange thing - it really puts you 'out there'. So, one really needs to believe that one can! It is pretty vulnerable to pour one's heart out through music. However, as all true musicians really know, there comes a point where you NEED to sing, or else something in you begins to die. So, for me to live IS to sing and to rest in that. This bird was a gift that confirmed that. Thank you Brianna!

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